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Gigi Kiersten

When I’m not roasting Cassandra Clare, or her creations, I actually have a job as a Digital Artist. When I’m not working, I’m either reading books, or chasing around my nieces and nephews, and fangirling over my OTP’s, and re-examining my life choices.

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  • Mariya Tumanova

    Preach it girl! xD Too many things in the series make no sense at all and I don’t see why people act as if the books are actually something great. But btw Pangborne and Blackwell are actually shadowhunters. 🙂

    • Thank you for clearing this up! The lanuage in which CC described Pangborn and Blackwell was confusing as hell.And I’m so glad that you like what I’m doing here. I just couldnt believe how many people rave about this book. The book is horrible and I’m not holding on to any hope at this point that it will get better.

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