Table of Contents

Table of Contents

“I killed a hell of lot of people to get this point”

— Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)

No, I’m haven’t killed people, but much like Beatrix Kiddo I’m going to brutally take down thirteen books. You read that right: T H I R T E E N B O O K S. The entire Mortal Instruments Series in it’s fucking entirely, along with a review of the movie adaptation and an episode by episode review of the Shadowhunters television show. If you want to read my reasons for doing this you can do so here.  However, to make my descent into hell a little easier for my readers,  I listed everything I have done so far.

The Books

City of Bones

(Book One) 

Extra: Deleted Prologue

Part I: Dark Descent  

Chapter 1: Pandemonium 

Chapter 2: Secrets and Lies

Chapter 3: Shadowhunter

Chapter 4: Ravener

Chapter 5: Clave and Covenant

Chapter 6: Forsaken

Chapter 7: The Five-Dimensional Door

Chapter 8: Weapon of Choice

Chapter 9: The Circle and The Brotherhood

Part II: Easy Is The Descendant 

Chapter 10: City of Bones

Chapter 11: Magnus Bane

Chapter 12:  Dead Man Party

Chapter 13: The Memory of Whiteness

Chapter 14: The Hotel Dumort

Chapter 15: High and Dry

Chapter 16: Falling Angels

Chapter 17: The Midnight Flower

Chapter 18: The Mortal Cup

Chapter 19: Abbadon

Chapter 20: In Rat’s Alley

Part III: The Descent Beckons 

Chapter 21: The Werewolf

Chapter 22: Renwick’s Ruin

Chapter 23: Valentine

Epilogue: The Ascent Beckons

Review: City of Bones

City of Ashes

(Book Two) 

Prologue: Smoke and Diamonds

Part I – A Season in Hell

Chapter 1 – Valentine’s Arrow

Chapter 2 – The Hunter’s Moon

Chapter 3 – The Inquisitor

Chapter 4 – The Cuckoo in the Nest

Chapter 5 – Sins of the Fathers

Chapter 6 – City of Ashes

Chapter 7 – The Mortal Sword

Part II – The Gates of Hell

Chapter 8 – The Seelie Court

Chapter 9 – And Death Shall Have no Dominion

Chapter 10 – A Fine and Private Place

Chapter 11 – Smoke and Steel

Chapter 12 – The Hostility of Dreams

Chapter 13 – A Host of Rebel Angels

Part III – Day of Wrath

Chapter 14 – Fearless

Chapter 15 – The Serpent’s Tooth

Chapter 16 – A Stone of the Heart

Chapter 17 – East of Eden

Chapter 18 – Darkness Visible

Chapter 19 – Dies Irae



Extra: Deleted Scene

Review: City of Ashes

The Adaptations

The Movie

Review: City Of Bones: The Mortal Instruments

The Television Show

Shadowhunters: Season 1

Shadowhunters: Season 2 

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