1. Do not give a link to this site  to Cassandra Clare. Really, I do not need the drama, and you will not be helping anyone. So do me a favor, and DON”T DO IT!
  2. All hate will be ignored, or mocked.  Debate is welcomed, but only if it’s done in a respectful manner.
  3. There should be no insults towards Cassandra Clare’s physical appearance, her religion, or any other aspect of her personal life. This site is about commenting and analyzing her professional actions and her books.
  4. There is to be no hate speech, racial slurs, homophobic, or transphobic slurs, on my site. I don’t mind if you swear (I would be hypocritic of the greatest order if I did) but please keep away from hate speech.  If I catch you throwing any hate speech what so ever I will  ban you immediately.
  5. No Spam, all the comments have to be on the topic of the post or the series itself.

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