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When I'm not roasting Cassandra Clare, or her creations, I actually have a job as a Digital Artist. When I'm not working, I'm either reading books, or chasing around my nieces and nephews, and fangirling over my OTP's, and re-examining my life choices.

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  • alejandra argomoza


    • I don’t doubt that her sheeple that she calls fans will scrounge up some money to add to her bank account. CC is of the opinion that just because one or two GLBTQ+ fans love her series, it makes her awesome for being progressive and inclusive. In reality, just shows everyone with a brain how fake and money hungry she really is.

  • Micuko

    I felt so so disappointed with this scene. The reason I started the books was to read more about Alec and Magnus, I ended up getting almost nothing at all from that angle. I hate it when an author just skims over something important, when they say something happened without actually showing us.

    • Oh, I know! They literally got no development at all. For CC, It was like gay man + bisexual man = gay couple. And to further put salt on the wounds, she had Isabelle tell us about how Magnus saved Alec. When not a chapter or two before CC switched the POV for literally no fucking reason. No, wonder book!malec fans are still bitter.

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