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When I'm not roasting Cassandra Clare, or her creations, I actually have a job as a Digital Artist. When I'm not working, I'm either reading books, or chasing around my nieces and nephews, and fangirling over my OTP's, and re-examining my life choices.

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  • Mar B.

    lol well to answer your question of WHY DO YOU STILL BUY BOOKS FROM THIS WOMAN? personally I love the idea of the Nephilim and kept reading in hopes things got better. I did like the humor and Magnus and Idris and so, but I’m not gonna lie, I was disappointed with the TMI series. I even asked Cassandra herself why Jace was so mean to Alec when they were supposed to be parabatai and bffs, and she told me Jace wasn’t mean to Alec at all. Yet I bought the last TMI book at 12am the day of its release, after watching Cassandra’s live *ashamed* and then I just skimmed through the book and only read the scenes that caught my attention and never actually read the whole thing hahaha ;_;

    ps. I’m almost done with your posts now nooooo

    • Don’t be ashamed, Mar. God knows I have my guilty pleasures. However, if I was a fan this would have been my breaking point. I would save my money and download the rest of the series. I’m not surprised that she denied Jace’s horrible treatmentof Alec. She seems the type to think that her dream man can’t do any wrong. It such a classic suethor mindset.

      • Also, I’m so awed that you are binge reading it. I’m still working on the review.

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