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WTF? The Mortal Instruments! (or WTFTMI?!)  is a blog in wherein I, Gigi Kiersten, snarkily analyze and comment on the worst parts of ‘The Mortal Instruments’ books by Cassandra Clare.  I also plan to later review, and recap the adaptions, ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ and the television show ‘Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments’.

In the end, this site’s main purpose is to take a hard critical look at the ‘The Mortal Instruments’ franchise. Fair warning, though:  I am  unapologetic biased, prone to swearing at the drop of a hat, I’m also a feminist, and a queer black woman. So it goes without saying that I have very strong ideas and opinions when it comes to sexism, racism, homophobia, and biphobia.

I’m also borderline dyslexic, and I do try my hardest to edit for spelling and grammar mistakes, but sometimes I still do miss a few errors here or there. So if you find an error please let me know by leaving a comment on a post or by contacting me at gigi@whatthefucktmi.com.

The Backstory

‘Why are you doing this is?’ is the question I get asked a lot by my some readers, by friends, and by even  my own family. Why invest so much time into something you hate?  And make no mistake, I really hate Cassandra Clare. Why? Because Cassandra Clare is a known and proven plagiarist,  she’s an unapologetic cyber bully who hypocritically enough has come out against cyberbullying.  Cassandra Clare has also used and profited from fandom for fame and money (at one point having her fandom friends buy her and her then boyfriend brand new laptops). Yet, she’s done all that and not only profited from her misdeeds, she has flourished into being one of the top Young Adults authors second to Stephanie Meyer (The author of the Twilight Saga) herself.

And Yes, Clare has been called out on her crap within fandom, but in the mainstream media, she is almost never called out for all the crap she has done. Yet, as much as people still need to bring attention to Claire’s problematic past to light, a lot of people seem to ignore how problematic her books themselves are.

There are three camps: Enthusiastic book fans who think that the books are flawless. People who read the books, but mostly skimmed the books because they were so boring. ex-book fans who loved the books, but was gradually disillusioned as the series went on.

Guess, who the media and the public hear from the most?  Yeah, it’s the Enthusiastic book fans and the ex-book fans who try to speak out against the books, and it’s sexist, racist, and biphobic messages often get smacked down by Clare’s army of attorneys or her rabid fans.

It’s only gotten worse since ‘Shadowhunter’s premiered back in January. Rabid book fans and book reviewers on YouTube (booktubers) has been attacking the show because it dared to ignore or correct all the problematic issues the books had. The show and its writers were being ridiculed because they didn’t slavishly follow the books. Cassandra Clare herself has nitpicked and belittle the show and has even directed her fans to a petition to fire the writers of the show. Never mind that Cassandra Clare was posing and smiling with the cast and crew months before the show premiered, blatantly using them to promote her latest book, ‘Lady Midnight’

As someone who at first, reluctantly watched, then later became a huge fan of the show, I was more than a little pissed off at the book fans that said the books were flawless, and the show would be better if it followed the books.

So I decided to prove them wrong, so. I set out to point out every piece of problematic crap in the entire series, and this site was born.







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