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  • Nele

    Well, my sister has stars tattooed on the inside of her wrist and it took my parents three years to notice. Although, these people are shadowhunters, they should be more observant.

    • Yeah, I agree. But I would think that while undressing Clary that somebody at somepoint would notice a black rune on the inside of her wrist. Although, if my theory that it was really Jace that undressed her was correct, then that would explain it–which is still creepy. However, my biggest issue is that it would that this hole could have been filled with 1 sentence, and yet CC didn’t. Which is pure laziness on her part.

      • Nele

        Well, I hope it’s not that. Men undressing unconscious women they just met is extremely not okay.

        • My thoughts exactly! Seriously, the whole scene is written very vaguely and we never truly get an diffident answer to who actually dressed Clary. One could assume it was Isabelle, but still the wording of that passage makes very vague and shady as fuck.

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